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Bristo Square Pharmacy is a well-established community pharmacy based in Edinburgh. We provide a wide range of NHS and private health services. We are passionate about providing high-quality healthcare products and services to our patients and customers.
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These are the most common questions that we get asked.

Yes, we dispense NHS prescriptions. You can bring a paper copy of the prescription or nominate us for electronic prescriptions. Speak to a member of staff in-store or let your GP know to send your prescription electronically to our pharmacy.

We offer a dispensing service for private prescriptions. Please ask in-store. We stock a wide range of medicines and in most cases, we can dispense your prescription whilst you wait. You can find out the cost of your private prescription medicines by asking in-store. 

A one-off prescription is issued by a prescriber such as your GP for a specific condition that requires a single dose or short-term treatment. For example, a prescription for a 7 days course of antibiotics. 

You can get a one-off prescription dispensed in-store, simply ask a member of staff in-store.

Yes, you can speak with our pharmacy team to get health advice and recommendations for over-the-counter medicines. You can buy over-the-counter medicines for a wide range of health conditions.

barbara schenkenberg
Very friendly, concerned and helpful doctors and staff
Sabina Mukhtarova
Brilliant GP, nice and polite people. Always listen attentively and patiently. I received my test results in 2 days. Thank you very much Dr Lee & Dr Walker
Sophie Stanley
The worst doctor's experience I have ever had with Dr. Crawford. - Unfriendly and unapproachable from the beginning - Did not listen to what I told her regarding previous doctor’s opinions about my condition - Undermined and patronised me when I outlined the preventative methods I have taken for my ailment, which were all specialist recommended - Prescribed me medication containing ingredients that I specifically said I couldn’t have (and that had previously made my condition worse) - Appointment was rushed and I felt as though I was inconveniencing her for being there with the consultation only lasting 5 minutes and coming to no obvious solution or conclusion Doctor’s have an obligation to ensure patients feel comfortable and heard and this doctor failed to do both. Whilst I understand people have off days (which I can only assume this must have been), it is no excuse to disregard a patient who has come to you for help. Deplorable behaviour.
I am on holiday in Edinburgh with my daughter and had to make an appointment for her today. We were told to go in for 4.30pm, however we were seen before. The doctor was lovely and put my mind at rest.
BOUCHET Cassiopée
As a tourist in need of a doctor in emergency, I obtained an appointment in less than 2 hours. All staff were so friendly. Didn't have to pay anything !
mark burcher
Amazing service ! Called in the morning and spoke to a really friendly receptionist who arranged an immediate appointment, saw a great Doctor and got a prescription straight away, couldn’t believe it all took less than an hour !
Andy Ou Yang
Excellent service

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