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Hajj and Umrah Vaccination


Hajj and Umrah Vaccination

Hajj and Umrah Vaccine in Edinburgh

We provide the meningitis ACWY vaccine for Hajj and Umrah at Bristo Square Pharmacy in Edinburgh. It is recommended to book your appointment 6-8 weeks before your travel to avoid the last-minute rush. The meningitis ACWY vaccine is required to be administered at least 10 days before you arrive in Saudi, according to the Saudi rules for hajj and Umrah pilgrims.
If you need vaccinations for travel purposes or occupational health, we are well-placed to help you. Our travel vaccination pharmacists will take you through a consultation to establish your vaccination needs and requirements tailored to your travel plan.

Book Hajj and Umrah vaccination in Edinburgh

Vaccine prices in Edinburgh

Check our private vaccination prices by clicking on the button below. Prices are subject to change, please confirm the prices at the clinic.

Which vaccinations are required for Hajj & Umrah?

All those visiting Saudi Arabia for Hajj & Umrah or seasonal work are required to submit a certificate of vaccination with the Meningococcal quadrivalent ACWY vaccine. The certificate of vaccination must be issued no more than 3 years and no less than 10 days before arrival in Saudi Arabia. Book your Meningitis ACWY Vaccine online to avoid the last-minute rush.
Check on the Saudi embassy website or your airline or hajj organisers for the latest hajj rules and requirements. You can also read more about hajj and umrah vaccination requirements on the Travel Health Pro website.

What is meningitis?

Meningitis is a serious infection that affects the meninges, the protective barrier of the brain. If not treated promptly, it can cause serious damage to the brain nerves and cause fatal blood poisoning (sepsis).
Millions of pilgrims travel to Saudi for hajj each year from all parts of the world. During the 2000/01 Hajj season, there was a major outbreak of meningitis, therefore since 2002, the meningitis ACWY vaccination has been mandatory for all pilgrims.

Importance of Travel Vaccinations

Vaccinations are very important to protect yourself and your loved one from different infections. Also, for most travel insurance policies to be valid, you need to have done the recommended vaccinations. Some vaccinations have multiple doses so it’s important that you plan to have your vaccination in advance of your departure date, usually 6-8 weeks prior.

Meningitis ACWY Vaccine Certificate

When you get your meningitis ACWY vaccine at Bristo Square Pharmacy, we will provide you with a certificate of vaccine administration. This is required upon entry into Saudi Arabia from Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims or seasonal workers.
It is important that the details you provide match those on your passport.

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